My name is Jeanette and I live in a colorful little spot in the western part of Norway. It's the kind of place where the mountains rise from the fjords to meet the sky, and you can't help but stop and take it all in. My husband, daughter, and I have our own slice of paradise here.
As a kid I spent hours and hours drawing and painting, but for some reason I forgot about this hobby as I grew up. I used to be a professional handball player so all my focus outside of school and work have been on how to become a better athlete. Since then I finished two business degrees and I have spent several years in the corporate world -  working as an auditor and as a manager in a tech company. 
I re-discovered the joy of painting and being creative during Covid when my husband and I started several painting and DIY-projects around the house. While I paint I find that I am fully present and my otherwise busy mind goes silent. I really enjoy playing around with colors and creating art. I firmly believe that we are happiest when we surround ourselves with things that make our hearts sing. For me this means adding colors, shapes and forms that remind me of feeling joy, harmony and to let loose. 
Painting is my way of capturing all that on a canvas. There’s something kind of magical about the way a few simple swipes of color can transform a blank canvas into something... more. I've found that particularly working in an abstract style shakes up that inner perfectionist in me. It's a challenge, a way to let loose and see where the journey takes me. It's thrilling to not always aim for 'just right' but for 'just feels right.'
So take a look around. I hope you find something here that pulls at you, something that maybe makes you feel a bit of the magic, too. And just so you know, if any piece catches your eye, I'd be more than happy to chat about it. It's all about sharing the joy, right?